The Noob Show is a podcast about humanizing technology. We cover topics like Kubernetes, Developer Relations, software development, new tech, old tech, and everything in between.

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The Most Important Algorithm with Steve O'Hara and Matt Gardner

In this episode we chat with Steve O'Hara, VP of Engineering at 8x8. Steve is a great story teller with a long history of working on everything from toilet algorithms ...

Quantum Computing with Abby Mitchell from IBM

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Abby Mitchell who works as a Quantum Developer Advocate at IBM. We discuss what is quantum computing, how to get i...

Episode 5: Intentional Ignorance with Greg Koberger

In this episode I chat with Greg about getting into YCombinator, startup life,, intentional ignorance, escape rooms, and some somewhat controversial but PG ...

Episode 4: Model, Coach, and Care with Martin Woodward at GitHub Universe 2022

In this episode I have the pleasure of chatting with Martin Woodward the VP of Developer Relations at GitHub.

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