Episode 1: Kubernetes is a Playground

In this episode, I talk with Lance Johnson, the Director, Engineering and Cloud R&D, about Kubernetes, using it as a hobby, in the enterprise, and how you'd explain it to a 5 year old.
Kubernetes is a Playground

  • Kubernetes - The main topic and the container orchestration system originally built and open sourced at Google.
  • Lens - a visual kubernetes tool
  • Visual Studio Code - A Code Editor
  • helm - The package manager for Kubernetes
  • kind - Kubernetes in Docker
  • Micro k8s - Simple lightweight production grade kubernetes by Canonical, the maintainers of Ubuntu.
  • k3s - Lightweight Kubernetes
  • Reinvent - Amazon Web Services conference
  • EKS - Amazon's managed kubernetes service
  • GKE - Google's managed kubernetes service
  • Preemptible Nodes - Short lived nodes on Google that are a fraction of the normal cost.
  • DKS - Digital Ocean's managed kubernetes service 
  • Kustomize - Kubernetes native config management
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Episode 1: Kubernetes is  a Playground
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