Episode 3: APIs and IPAs pt. 2

This is the second part of the conversation with Greg Koberger, founder and CEO of readme.com. We continue to discuss APIs, developer experience, and more.
  • How can you build an API that has a good developer experience?
  • On solving problems for who's trying to use your api
  • Documentation acting as an API's UI/UX
  • What Greg and I remember about being rejected from Y Combinator
  • How we learned how to program
  • Favorite APIs
  • Slack's API
  • A short story about the hockey API that I glued together to flash lights when my team scored on TV.
  1. ReadMe
  2. YCombinator
  3. Wat
  4. Slack's API

Special thanks to Lance's son,
Alex, for creating the new intro entirely on his own from scratch.

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Matt Gardner
Matt Gardner
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Gregory Koberger
Gregory Koberger
🦉 Founder of @readme💻 Designer & developer
Episode 3: APIs and IPAs pt. 2
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